Ayurvedic Massage & Consultation in Boëge

The goals of the Atreya Abhyanga® method are relaxation, releasing tensions, eliminating excesses caused by the elements, purifying and eliminating toxins in the body, providing better circulation, tonifying tissues, increasing the immune system’s capacity and maintain the body in good health. 

In a fast moving world, this massage enables a return to the body, creating a feeling of groundedness.

Ayurvedic massage (Atreya Abhyanga® method) is a tailored massage in two parts. The first part consists of a questionnaire, this is then followed by the massage. Each session last approximately two hours.

Ayurvedic Consultation

The consultation is made up of observations (tongue and pulse included) and a list of questions asked by the therapist. This is done in order to gain a better understanding of the individual's basic constitution as well as any potential imbalances. The therapist can then prescribe diet or lifestyle therapies to rectify the imbalance.

Each session is approximately 1 hour.

Atreya Abhyanga Method Massages

Abhyanga: a full body massage using warm oils, adapted to each individual's needs and requirements (as described above).

Udvartana/ Udgarshana: a full body (udvartana) or local (udgarshana) massage using chickpea flour that facilitates the elimination of toxins as well as excess water in the body. This is specifically for people who have excess toxins or congestion and where an oil based massage is not appropriate.


Mardana: a 30 minute sports massage. Helps muscle recovery and facilitates the elimination of accumulated acids in the body.

Pranatherapy (back & neck): a more subtle, energetic oil-free massage for your back and neck.

Kesa, Hasta & Pada Abhyanga: a head, hand and foot massage using warm oils. 

Each session is approximately 1:15-2 hours.


Please note that as per the tradition, women only massage women.

Ayurvedic Massage for Pregnant Women & Babies

Abhyanga massage is especially recommended for pregnant women. It is a special moment to turn within, relieve tensions in the lower back and allow lymphatic drainage of the legs. I provide: Abhyanga for pregnant women, post-partum massage and a demonstration of massage for babies (in the comfort of your own home). Each session is approx. 1-1.5 hours.


Booking an appointment
Bookings for ayurvedic massages and consultations are over the telephone only:

FR: +33 602 71 59 24 or CH: +41 794 154 681

Appointments in Boëge take place generally on Fridays (see map below). 

Please schedule two hours for each massage session and one hour for an ayurvedic consultation session.

I work with a range of prices, depending on each individual's situation. 
Indicative pricing between 80-100 euros for a 2 hour session. 

Gift vouchers are also available!

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