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Weekly live online group classes available in French:

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Weekly group classes at Totem Meyrin:

  • Thursdays 12:15-13:15

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Special Events

Stage de Yoga - 27 & 28 Novembre 2021

Yoga & Ayurveda Programme: Dinacaryā - October 2021

Créer ta routine quotidienne de yoga grâce aux pratiques anciennes de Dinacaryā 

Les lundis 11, 18, 25 octobre et 1 novembre à 20h30

Craft your daily yoga routine through the ancient practices of Dinacaryā 

Tuesdays 12th, 19th, 26th of october and 2nd of november at 8:30pm

Dignity & Humanity: Varanasi Yoga Kids


Temporary photography exhibition from March 2021 - September 2021 at La Soleillette in Bogève


*Prints currently on sale! All profits go to the International Chandramauli Charitable Trust*


Dignity and Humanity, these are the ideas Maximilian Baier hopes to awaken with his photography series. To Baier, a camera is a tool for connecting an audience with people from other cultures, with it he seeks to convey the intrinsic human dignity of the subject to the viewer. Specializing in portraiture, he aims to help us gain insight into who his subjects, what motivates them, why they act as they do—he sees his images as subjective, nudging us to acknowledge the humanity and sanctity of the viewed.


Brandishing a camera gives the photographer access to places and situations from which one would normally be barred or feel alien. The end result is a window into the life of another, granting us, the audience, the opportunity to see people and places we might otherwise not expose ourselves to. For the Photographer, these often unplanned  interactions have led to many lasting relationships including Lucy Guest, who started the International Chandramauli Charitable Trust School (registered in the UK as a charity under the name Yoga Mission). There Baier attempted to capture the connection of the children to each other, their environment which had helped nourish them, and to their various meditative and spiritual practices.


In a world where most images of children from Uttar Pradesh serve to shock and awe western eyes with depictions of extreme poverty, Baier worked with the children to create poses where they could show their skill and grace. The institution itself can be seen as a paradigm for how education and a positive environment can change the life of a child: through meditative practices like Yoga and support from dedicated Adults, kids learn not just how to read, write, and engage in society, but also how to live content and fulfilling lives, hopefully without fear of scarcity.