Take a time out for just yourself... 

Imagine a space where you can take a step back, ground, find your balance, take deeper breaths... 

and shine your own light into the world. 


Where our paths may cross....

There are only solutions...

  • Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?
  • No time for yourself anymore?
  • Want to be able to do your body and mind some good but don't know where to start?
  • Can't find the motivation to practice yoga on your own?

Do you just need a time out...? 

A time out can be...

  • a 45 minute yoga session at your work place
  • an online yoga session
  • a group yoga class outdoors
  • a private yoga class at home
  • an ayurvedic consultation
  • an ayurvedic abhyanga massage 
  • a combination of both yoga and massage!

Contact me and let me know how I can help.

Why I can help

After a lifetime of travel and living around the world coupled with 10 years of corporate work in Brussels, London and Dubai, I landed in the French Alps near Geneva in 2015. Living closer to nature lead to big changes in my conscience: slowing down, observing  and completely rethinking my way of living to date. 

Looking back I can see how yoga, meditation and ayurveda have been useful tools for navigating change, building resilience and adaptability. It excites me to see how effective this ancient wisdom is in today's modern world and I am keen on sharing what I am learning.  

I believe that with more practical knowledge we are better equipped to take ownership of our physical, mental and spiritual health and simply improve our lives as well as live sustainably and in harmony with our planet.  

It's only up to us to practice on and off the mat...

Hatha Yoga Classes


Whether it's a group or individual class in person or online, I aim to provide a holistic, balanced session.  Starting with an introduction, then centering, warm-ups and moving into postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and finishing each session with a meditation. 

Threading in some yoga philosophy, I like to colour each class with a different theme. Every session is an exploration of the balance between strength and flexibility, power and softness, inhalation and exhalation, fun and introspection. 

Ayurvedic Massage & Consultation

According to Ayurveda, massage is a part of one's daily and seasonal routine. It is one of the various lifestyle rituals involved in preventing illness,  bringing balance back to the body and mind. 

The initial consultation and questionnaire enable me to find out what your specific need is and if any element needs to be brought back into your own personal balance. Then my hands and breath do the rest... An Ayurvedic consultation can also give you concrete ways of using lifestyle and dietary tips to see health in a dynamic, preventative fashion.